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Sun Bleached Spruce

LVT Flooring

QA Luvanto Design Collection

The Luvanto Design Sun Bleached Spruce is a hardwearing flooring system and known as a Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) which is becoming intensively more popular every month. The product features 100% water resistance and slip resistance which makes it perfect for water prone areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Sun Bleached Spruce 25 Domestic Year Wear Warranty flooring
Sun Bleached Spruce 10 Year Commercial Wear Warranty flooring
Sun Bleached Spruce Water Resistant Flooring

Sun Bleached Spruce

The luxurious Sun Bleached Spruce flooring will guarantee to bring life and that warm homely feeling into your home. Perfect for open plan rooms such as dining rooms where the sun can reach this perfect flooring, creating a happy atmosphere for you.


Luvanto Design

The luxurious Sun Bleached Spruce flooring can be used with various other flooring designs from the Luvanto Design collection, and can be simply glued down, to be walked on straight away. This is opportunity is perfect if you are wanting two separate rooms from one big space, such as a kitchen and a dining room.

Colour: Sun Bleached Spruce

  • Tile Dimensions: 152mm x 914mm x 2.5mm

  • Pack Size: 3.34m²


• The range can be used in most rooms and is very popular to use in bathrooms and kitchens due to it being 100% waterproof and susceptible to moisture.

• The Luvanto range is very handy, for elderly or small children who are not very strong in their walking capability, by providing with a high slip resistance, with the Anti-slip technology to make sure you are much safer when walking over the surface.

• The surface is both hard-wearing and easy to keep spotless, making them an ideal choice for a heavy-traffic family home or fast-paced commercial.

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